High School

Lockers full of papers and books
But minds empty of knowledge
Filled temporarily with memorization and drained once it’s no longer useful
Classrooms packed with desks and students but lacking in teaching
The education system has become a place where learning just turns into getting A’s and socializing just turns into social media
Waking up becomes impossible and forcing myself to go is always a struggle
Dealing with people becomes harder than all of my AP and Honors classes combined.
“This is it. Get good grades. Get into college. Get your degree. Get a job.”
Then if you’re lucky you can retire and not have to work until you die.
Since when do people who still need permission to go to the bathroom have to decide the rest of their lives?
We can’t even drive past 11 yet we are expected to know how we plan on living our lives.
How are we expected to accept the “work-‘til-you-die” thing when we barely started living?
Babies in our own right, yet choosing our fate
We are taught to fear the unknown, fear the future unless you make a plan.
Screw that.
No plan is the best plan
Judged by our GPAs, SATs, ACTs
Too many letters that judge our worth and too many numbers that say where we belong.
Taught to act like adults but treated like children
Halls filled with hate and gossip and drama.
Who is better than whom?
Judgment and close mindedness fill brains
Minds full of bitterness and resentment
No room for caring, kindness, or consideration
An environment where females are taught not to distract males with their skin
Simple anatomy creates an issue
Every girl is a “whore” or a “slut” or a “bitch”
Shoulders and legs are a “distraction”
I grow tired of every fake laugh and every empty smile.
Tired of pretending to like people I don’t
Tired of learning for standardized tests and government funding
School is a place of authority and rules and oppression
Not for creativity and learning and growth.
Standards set impossibly high
Tested on what we don’t know instead of what we do
School is not a place I want to be.
It’s not angst; it’s reality.

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