High Tide

Footprints in the sand
Leading out to new life
An ocean of infinite love
A sea of forgiveness and promise
I stand on the shore of healing
Waves crashing against sorrow
Cleansing, soothing, reviving
I let the ghosts of pain escape from my body
Shrieking and wailing as the undertow pulls them below
Down into the dark abyss of lifelessness
They are home now
I inhale the salty air
My spirit invigorated with breaths of possibility
The colorful horizon is playing for me, melodious
A symphony of liberation
An orchestra of renew
Bright rays of orange and violet surround me in a warm embrace
Illuminating my soul with beauty and splendor
In this moment of sublimity I dream of true love
The thought draws the sun straight into my heart
Two shining stars united
Fused by radiant beams
An eruption of vibrant light flashes across the water
Glimmering and sparkling, spectacular
Bringing hope and brilliance to the creatures of deep
I stand on my toes and twirl
My fingers outstretched to the magnificent sky
I gaze up into the endless blue and cry out
A profound exclamation of humility and gratitude
My voice bounces off of the heavens and back down to earth
Showering me with drops of worth and grace
I am finally complete

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