Kiss my lips make me blush I love the way that we touch
You make me open up my wings so I can fly like a dove
I never felt like this before like I'm mixed inside your love
Came from the dirt on the ground to the stars up above
My soul is mesmerized can't look away from your eyes
I feel like whenever I'm around you I could never die
Smelling the scent of your perfume every time you pass by
I grab your arm pulling you closer just to be on my side
When nighttime falls I'll use your face as my light
Holding hands while we walking it just feels so right
Your looking like a juicy apple can I have a bite?
Not like Adam and Eve only if you wanna be
Take you on the mountain top so only me and you can see
I'm trying to create perfect sceneries for only you and me
You are my secret weapon and I'm your conspiracy
I just love the time we spend and all the things you do to me
Your always doing different things so there's nothing new to me
Hope this moment last forever this is where I wanna be

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