She'll be comin' around Capitol Hill when she comes
She'll be drivin' six white Cadillacs when she comes
There will be big stock traders, and high-level tax evaders
The best of the load, will be husband Bill who set the mode
He got by famously, by lying in court so all could see
That's when politics went awry, no punishment for telling a lie
Benghazi is a thorn in her side, the truth she likes to hide
Help could not be found, as envoys burned at the compound
We are anxious to read her emails, and all those gory details
But much more exciting, to read Bill's about females he's inviting
After eleven hours of grueling still many she was fooling
Her emails shed some light where she was that horrible night
Big media is on her side and will help her lies abide
But who gets hurt in the fray, our nation in every way
We'll kill the big white sow, prisoners are on a diet now
We'll have pork chops galore, Michelle says no-more
She is big on fetus demand, as also women's right to stand
But just don't understand such things are in God's hand
We'll all go out to meet her, we'll all go out to meet her
Hoping Trump will defeat her, hoping Trump will defeat her,
Then America will be rid, and then America will be rid
Of liars in the presidential bid, of liars in the presidential bid

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