His touch,
His smell,
His voice,
Was all I wanted.
I could feel him,
I could smell him,
I could hear him,
All at once,
Just one more time.
That’s all I wanted,
I can’t have that
The perfect
I can’t have it.
It was so close,
Just in reach,
But I got tired
Of reaching
And put my hand
I saw us and what
We could’ve been,
And it’s beautiful.
We are beautiful.
I lost you and I think
That’s the hardest part.
Our magic that I thought
We would always have is gone,
And that hurts the most.
The pieces of what
We were
Caught the sun,
And I finally see how
Beautiful we are,
But it’s all different.
The way I saw you is
Your not the same person
I grew to love,
And I now know that it’s not
The magic that left,
Because that,
That’s still there.
It’s the way pieces
Caught the sun.
Your not special to me
I see you with the eyes
Of every other person.
Your just a guy I once knew,
And I once loved.

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