He is peaceful, yet so weak.
he never gets sleep
He gets up each morning to the same ol' stuff,
Always yelling, never good enough.
He puts his shoes on and he packs his bags,
Everything he has ever loved is in the past.
He shows no mercy to anyone around because his heart is lost and he is no where to be found,
I've known him for a while now and it never fails that he is the one to make me walk on nails,
I give my life to this boy without doubt because he is all I ever think about,
he plays me like a game and I can't complain, without him I'd go insane,
My heart cries out to his lost soul,
For one day I hope I can make him whole,
He gives my life meaning though he thinks his is nothing,
He is always thinking,
it's always something,
He is the sun in the sky,
And the stars in the night,
He is the reason my smile is so bright.
He isn't perfect but that's not what I wanted,
I was searching for my half the one to make me feel something.
He may not be much but I wouldn't ask for more,
He truly is what I dreamed for.

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