Their words echoed forcefully in the empty chamber of our soul,
As the memories poured crimson out the never-ending dark hole.
They stared into our eyes, while we lustfully stared into his,
But the one, whom stood above all, flogged us with our sin.
The delusional society assailed an anathema, as our heart shriveled,
Though our smile was plastered, and our mouth was civil.
An ascetic life hoping that today and together humanity will assuage,
But nation to civilization, dripped with asperity and rage.
Though, all we craved was his libidinous hug, warmth that would fill,
Him and they turned away and denounced that we were mentally ill.
Wondering, with black weeping wretched from our face, while secluded,
Hoping for his Siren to sing, or praying for a Cupid.
The tintinnabulation of hope crooned into the back of our mind,
That one-day, his robust self would protect us from the malign.
But in the midst of the warm bright,
Darkness crept from him like an amorphous shadow,
But I still sadly look forward to his light,
More than yesterday's tomorrow.

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