I want him...I'm waiting on him.
I know I don't have to wait alone, but I choose to.
I could be content with you, but you aren't him.
He's the one I'm preparing for.
I'm re-learning and re-membering myself, so he can recognize me.
I love him... I'm waiting on him.
I already feel his love.
I re-member it as I start to re-learn and re-memeber myself.
I love myself.
He loves me now, like he loved me then. He is my man!
I'm re-learning and re-membering me, so he can come to me.
(As he always does, life after life)
We loved and cared for each other.
He built me up to the status of a Queen
I gave him the power of a King.
We ruled together and the world was in Awe of our love.
Our children were stars in our eyes.
We raised them to the sky, together.
I am him... I'm waiting on him.
I know I don't have to wait alone, because you want to be here.
It's not a reflection on you, but you will never be him.
So why hold his place? Make your pilgrimage to her.
So go, go and re-learn yourself and re-member her.
I'm sorry, but I'm waiting and I choose to wait alone.
His memory means more than your presence could ever mean to me.

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