Strange how I could run even with broken bones
I look back and know what's in front of me
They don't get it, He's always been there, always shown
Angel wings flying from my back for only Him to see

Jonah was caught eventually, so don't forget to warm up
Warned or warmed, it is all the same in His eyes
Only your spirit man decides when it's enough
And only real eyes can realize the real lies

Contemporary times call for filtered messages
So world, here is mine to you:
I don't claim to know it all within your bandages
And, there are only a few certain truths

Wind cannot be seen and neither can your emotions
There is the impossible living all around you
Existing with or without your stubborn notions
So, here is the breath of my concluded noon

I do not see God within the church
I don't see Him within that roof or the ties
I see Him within the growth of being hurt
And, I see Him taking expired pain from my eyes

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