Him, he soothes my soul
he gives me hope
he fills my lifes hole

Him, he gives me strength
without his love
my heart will fall a great length

Him, who i have a internal love for
is the one i been dreaming of
i couldnt love anyone more

Him,whos been walked on so many times
diserves respect and passion
even if they were considered crimes

Him, so beautiful inside and out
having my heart forever
letting myself show and sprout

Him,nothing can describe this
but when hes gone
life will be full of depression and miss

Him,i need him by my side
because whatever happens
i will always be able to say i tryed

Him, so down to earth
as he also calls me an angel
for him i'll give what im worth

Him,we cant be apart
if this were to happen
there would be a hole in replace of my heart.

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