There are many things that I hate about all men.
Like the constant line of billshit that I’ve fallen for again.
For every single time I’ve sat and waited all alone.
And the countless fucking times I’ve foolishly waited by the phone.
I’ve been hurt and ruled by some pretty special guys.
Other females can relate to many lives my poem applies.
He convinced me I was wrong and stole my self esteem.
Broke every single promise, crushed many hopes and dreams.
I knew it wasn’t my fault but I got punished with his hands.
All because I won’t obey exact requests and harsh demands.
I want to fucking hate him but I love him too damn much.
The thought of never seeing him again is too unreal to even touch.
His mind is way too clouded and full of resentment and doubt.
That he didn’t even notice I packed my bags and straight walked out.
The chances of him changing are sadly slim to none.
In my eyes he took the battle but the war I fucking won.

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This Poems Story

An extremely abusive relationship that I was smart enough to walk away from. It took me 6 years to build up the courage to leave but I did and I thank god every day that goes by.