if she could just wash away with the ocean
she'd take the postion
just one more touch
she wishes so much
all they did was miss
but they eventually got the kiss
now they forever say bye
and only one does cry
on the inside she feels dead
she carries the pain around like led
she hopes she dont tie the noose
too loose
the cuts from the blade
will someday fade
she stopped eating
had trouble breathing
she wakes up in hell
never feeling well
her life she hates
because she lost her mate
he let go
so now they call her a hoe
who knows why
maybe cause shes not shy
they also call her a whore
because shes too poor
running out of breath
but shes not smoking meth
she loves him
he gave her a slim jim
they "looked" for mars
they didnt put money in jars
she tried so long for it all
but in the end we all fall
so much she wants him back
but something she just lacks
they fell in love at summer
at the time she was dumber
his eyes they were blue
that should have given her a clue
he took the risk
memories on a disc
but the disc is in her head
being replayed again and again, its keeping her heart fed
hes a duchbag but he does it in the nicest ways
making long days
but she doesnt care
with him everything seems fair
they were going to wait 2 years
was it because of fears?
he gave her his hoodie
peyton said it had cooties
"you wish" to "you gonna"
that was hella funna
for hours they could talk
at times, her, he would mock
she wishes he still loved her
cause to her heart hes the only one that holds the key ,
but somewhere in between he lost it
she felt like she needed to throw a fit
he will always be somewhere in her heart
even if there thousands of miles apart
for hours
it was her he would devour
he made her feel perfect
he made her feel worth it
her wrist stained red
bet he wishes she was dead
he doesnt know how many pills she takes
while his mom is making him move leaves with a rake
he doesnt know she prays for him each night
that he'll find a girl to love and cherish forever and never lose out of sight
but part of her wishes to be that girl
since she's not sometimes she gets so sad she feels like shes gonna hurl
more than a month has gone by and she still cant let go
she feels so low
she hates that she loves him and that he doesnt feel the same
about it her "bff" makes her feel, for it, lame
still she keeps the flower vase with the dead flower stems and pedals inside
she wants to float away with the riptide
she dates guys so it will helpfully help her get over dude
but if she tells him he could think shes rude
she telling herself she fine
her friends say she needs wine
she loves him she always will
now as she takes many pills
as she puts the pills in her mouth shes prepared to die
she says to herself "i love you bye"

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