Never knew the best thing that happened to me I’d walk away from
All the while I left bread crumbs
Walking away hoping you’d follow
Wishing I’d wake up to you tomorrow
Treated you like property
Not properly
Know for me it’s a fast no
But hoping for a slow probably
If I gotta work for you I’ll put in overtime
Out here looking for love
But are you over mine
I swear to God I’m tryin
Tryna give time time enough for you to find your way back home
You were my backbone
Ego and pride made me act wrong
This whole me and you like a slow song
I wanna change the tempo
Get back to makin love and bbqs with the kinfolk
These other men love the beauty they see
I love the ugly they don’t
They loving what you will do for them
I love your strong mind and what you won’t
He want you to decorate his arm
I want you decorate my home
He want you to stay up on the phone
I wanna be why you don’t answer yours
I know you never heard me and these words in sync
But someone mentioned you and I stopped to think
I still love you

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