I still dream of the trees from back home.
Tall and mighty guardians.
They sheltered us when we were alone.

I wonder, are they still growing?
All the way back home.
Where the winters are cold and summers don't exist.

I wonder, are they still sheltering my family?
The only family I've known.
Who cared for my brother and saved him from me.

I still dream of the frost covered flowers.
Fragile and luminescent.
We picked them and gave them as gifts.

I wonder, did they curse us?
For ending their lives so carelessly.
When we were just as fragile as them.

I wonder, do they bring you joy even now?
Or have we grown too much?
I still dream of you. I miss being careless.
I am alone now with no trees and no flowers.
I have no family, just me and my brother.
But one day, I will go home again.

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