His Chosen People

By Deb   

His mercy is new everyday yet still my shame follows.
How quickly my memory fades and my heart grows hollow.

Woe to the drought that dried me up
and woe to the God that did nothing to disrupt this
unjust situation!
Then he rebuked my disbelief
and placed his cloud over me.

I then trip and fall.
I cry out, "God, are you even good at all?"

Over and over again I fail.
I know I deserve nothing more than to rest eternally
beyond the fiery gates of hell.

Yet His grace isn't recognized by
how well I've complied.
Instead His character is perfect and exemplified!

He says He's called me. I know I am chosen.
We are His people, we must seek to be broken.
All honor to Him, the one who sits high.
All glory to Him!
Kiddus HaShem!

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Tags : God, purpose, religion
Key Words : religion, God, Israel, purpose

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