His Departure

As I sit there and stare at the waves
In my gaze I contemplate the days
Days that have passed in which I anxieously awaited
On a heart that slowly faded
A heart that left me devostated, humiliated.
Humiliated for believing life is good
Life doesn't always go as it should
Now I feel empty, lonely and in despair
Nothing in this world could ever repair
There's no repairing a wound that wont heal
All I wish is to wake up and see all was unreal
You lwff before we could properly meet
But mommy knew those happy little feet
Its not your fault you had to go
Who are we to tell you no
You've got your wings to fly up high
Please watch over us from the sky
Although your departure has left us pain
Forever in our heart you shall remain
Mommy and daddy are now left to morn
Their wonderful son who was never born

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