His Donation To My Chest

Skating boards or cars?
He bought me a skating board, yet bought his mom a car
I'm dancing in my daddy's car, but am not satisfied
I'm satisfied with my mother's skating board, but not with my boyfriend's

I have many boyfriends, but only one has proposed to me
I have two boyfriends, but only one has bought me a gift
He bought me two gifts, but only one was a skating board
I'm his dating-god, yet he bought me just a skating board

What then will he buy our kids on their birthdays?
That's if we get married
That's if I say "yes"
That's if he proposes
That's if I dress well
That's if he asks me out to dinner

We would repeat the dinner in a thinner spinner
Within the fever of my liver, I'm sieving rivers, receiving real vowels
Consonants console my paused zoned ants
What then will I do? Dance in the zoo?

My love for my resolved dove
When doves fly into wars, they disguise as wolves
Warriors' gloves hide behind valves
Wars end pieces, while doves end reasons for pieces of greases

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