His Eyes

This unknown kind of universe in which I see he lies,
I see the secrets all afloat, by looking through his eyes.
The color tells me little stories of how he really feels.
I read it like a novel with the facts giving me chills.
We can't be this in sync! There's no way we can relate!
Have I found another foreigner; have I met my deadly fate?
One who's just as smart; one who knows my mind?
One who thinks my thoughts are of no weirdness but divine?
One who looks at fantasy as being another world?
One who knows my worth? One who sees my inner girl?
I wonder what he's thinking; I wonder what he's done.
I wonder has he lived his life or has it just begun?
He likes the kind of weirder things; he's different, oh, indeed.
Appreciates the finer things, in others he takes heed.
They tell me why he's lonely. I can see his spirit cry.
It whispers his life stories; can this come from a simple eye?
Can the light reflect the pain in which no one can really see?
The only thing in question IS what does he think of me?
Maybe if I wait a sec they will soon reveal,
The answer that I'm waiting for in time which will not heal.
No hints, no clues, no glares or views of who he thinks I am.
I'm looking hard with all my might but I have reached a dam.
A bridge and wall of brick-cement in which a secret lies,
I finally understand that behind it is MY eyes.

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