His Eyes

By Hanji   

His eyes told it all, all that he had been through within his lifetime.

The joyous and the sorrowful.

His eyes laid there open.

Able to see what was never previously seen.

The ghosts of his former relatives.

His eyes looked deep within the horizon.

Never to return.

HIs eyes seen fire.

Burning and smoke.

His ears heard the screams of the many people being afflicted

By this agonizing sensation.

His ears heard the malicious laughter of one of the guards standing near him.

He looked.

He listened.

He felt that same sensation of which were the others were being plagued with.

He too.


He too.


He too.

Felt the misery that the others felt.

He didn’t like it.

He hated it.

He despised it.

It didn’t feel like the pain that he inflicted upon himself

It was worse.

Much worse.

His eyes started to burn.

His throat started to swell.

He tried to scream again.

But not a sound escaped his lips.

The tears started to fall.

Cooling down what was a burning sensation on his cheeks.

He could only think to himself

When will this end?

When will I be able to go home?

I hate this.

I never wanted this!

All i wanted to do was escape from it all!

All I wanted was to just make it stop!

The voices.

The laughter.

The constant glares.

I just wanted it all to go away.

To disappear.

I never meant for this to happen.

I didn’t ask for this!

Same as I didn’t ask for the life that I have been given.

If I knew that it would’ve turned out like this I would’ve stayed.

I would’ve ignored.

I would’ve prayed

I would’ve done anything to keep myself breathing.

And now I’m in so much pain that I can’t even breathe

The sulfur.

The fire.

The brimstone.

I hate it.

I hate it all

I want to leave.

But I know that there is no escape.

Why me?

Why did i have to be given such misfortune?




His eyes started to close

His mind started to wander.

Everything just went away.

The burning that he was feeling had subsided.

The sulfur, acid, and brimstone that he was inhaling has been released from his lungs

The screams had seized

Everything that he had experienced faded away

He opened his eyes

Only to find himself in a white room

With familiar people huddled all around him

A tear left his eye and made it down all the way to his now pink lips

The people around him started crying tears of pure joy

He wasn’t aware of what just happened

Or what happened to him.

All he knew that he was happy to be in a calming place once again.

“ My love!

My baby!

You’re well!

You’re alive!

I was so worried about you!

I thought I lost my precious child!”

He heard.

He was relieved to hear such a voice.

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This is one of my best poems that I have written. So, enjoy :)