His Glory

I was lost like a child
Trying to have fun all buck and wild
until one day I hear a voice call me by name,
I didn't listen and got caught slipping.
How does it feel to be alone, wanna make a deal?
I thought I was tripping
I never believed in the son, until the devil almost won.
This is my story about His glory it's hard to tell but
He saved me from the pits of Hell.
I was heartless broke and homeless hustling to get a hit
that chrystal ya I thought she was the shit.
Little did I know I was flirting with the devil
little by little I was seeing double.
Foil after foil bubble after bubble I lost all my morals
I destroyed innocent souls I denied the Son
and the devil almost won, asked me to make a deal
then I knew Jesus was real,
He saved me from the pits of Hell,
told you this was hard to tell .This is my story about His glory.

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