His love

“I love that you love me.”
“Well, that’s not love then is it?”

“I have been to the depths and above
Attempted to assess this strange love

It eludes me and runs so far
When it should be healing my scars

I expect and dare it all to fulfill
My dreams, my desires oh lord all of goodwill

A tirade of what lurks beneath
Awakens the monster, frightens me

I love to be loved
Have mercy I am my own beloved

I shall reveal all, in good time
My selfish, heinous ungallant crimes

What beauty shall I say
Lies underneath a foul play

Quoted by all felt by some
Yet all love does welcome

Desperate times make a desperate man
Alone indeed he does stand

When he meets just who he hates
The black beast who he never wakes

Deem it fitting for me to know
Of the fire that burns below the snow

I challenge the gods, I challenge I
Make me see, the magic in my eye.”

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