His Love

Love can be confusing,
thinking that he will teach me how to love.
Thinking that everything will be alright even though I may know that it won’t.
I still kept hold of him because I knew he would lead me to everything.

I kept thinking he was the right one,
but everytime he spoke I knew it was all a lie.
Every time I knew he was lying I was so stupid to keep him.
He kept lying why keep going?.

The lying wasn’t the only thing bothering me,
he had feelings for someone else and I still kept going.
Why when I tried to be happy this happens,
But I can’t let go.

We’ve created memories,
That I will never forget but
I know he doesn't remember if you asked him.
I can’t see myself letting go because I care and love him.

His love might be healing a thing but it turned into a killing thing.
It made me feel safe,
But it also made feel like I needed to fight for my love.
I want everything to end.

But I know I will miss him,
I know I would be the one drowning myself in alcohol to numb the pain,
While he parties with his friends drinking alcohol not feeling pain.
I just will never forget him the way he will never remember me.

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