His Sick Reality

What he said was something's I wouldn't expect
It's further then I can grasp and harder to understand
Why he hates himself is a reason that goes beyond looks
Past his appearance into his thoughts
I don't understand if anyone who fought such feelings
Had become the closest to okay.
Will we think a good person is someone
Who knows and feels remorse?
Am I right to think he's got hope
To say his intentions are good
While his thoughts curve?
It's a curse that's started from behind
And spread to hide
Deep inside, where no one, except for him, knows
The years of being bullied
The years he held it in
Maybe that's where it had started to seep in
It's filled him inside, came thorough his wounds
It's poisoned his thoughts and tore him apart
He kept silent now; it's the silence that scars his heart
At times, he speaks of his twisted thoughts
I want to help, but how to help what you don't understand?

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