His Thoughts of Her

This lonely man's vision has been stuck at sea
Everything he sees brings thoughts of she
When he reads, he hears her voice, even eats her favorite foods
Other women want a chance, but to him it would be rude
He stares at frustration, would give the world to bring her back
He's stuck in this woman's world, and moving on is what he lacks
Even the smallest things like the laundry full of lint
Has him smelling clothes inhaling up her scent
Picturing her lying down is just a beauty to his eyes
Making love was even better, but playing the role his mind denies
Placing his face in his palms and filling them up with tears
Because this man can't seem to control the life this girl steers
When he sleeps it's only worse, because he only dreams of she
Waking up sometimes mad because it showed how close they'd be
Every woman he'll pass, resemble her so he'll stare
From the sound of heels clicking to the dresses that they wear
This man can't seem to quit, what they had and what they were
So he's left with one decision, to continue.
"His Thoughts of Her"

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