His Tribute Unfortold

His Tribute Unforetold
By JFR van der Byl

The day Nelson Mandela died,
Our country cried,
As a hero had graciously
Entered the other side

Shortly following his demise
Evil would soon begin to rise
As Jacob Zuma decided to arrive

The treachery, the mockery,
a completely selfish-driven philosophy,
with enough audacity
To openly steal from our
Country’s National Treasury

Succumb would we
In to asking the Gods of our understanding
Of how such a troubling situation
Could have ever come across
To meet this beautifully transitioned nation?

All that he would ever confide was
That the Almighty’s light would
Never subside

On the fifth of December in the year 2013
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela died
And along his side so too
Did our country’s pride

However, the legacy he left will forever live on,
Not only in our brains as eluded memories,
But through our veins
And deep within us spiritually

Let us live and dare
To adopt his Rainbow Nation mentality
By simply appreciating and respecting
Each other’s racial and cultural individuality

For this will undoubtedly give way
to our growing population
To forever live on in unity
As a proud and formidably strengthened
Democratic Nation

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