His Truth

Your truth
like honey soaked fruit you whispered in my ear
It was a beautiful orgasm of flavors kissing my soul
quenching every longing as I took a bite
dripping from your lips into my ears I could not escape
enlightenment and pleasure
was all I could see, and feel
With eyes that awakened
I looked closer
Amongst rot and maggots oozing from once choice fruits
ocean tears streamed down my porcelain cheeks
grasping my throat you insisted it was true
That it was real
Your word was finality
Burning sand you poured down my throat
searing every inch of my mind
Attempting to kill the soul of a girl
I stepped out of your decaying tent
Falsely filled with luscious fruits and incense
with its putrefied orgasmic love
its festering exotic tastes of your truth
and stepped into a paradigm of my own
filled with unfathomable serenity and love
A place that you will never conceive

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