His Version

I'd be lying,
if I said I wasn't blind sided.
I knew we were lost but I,
though I knew where you were headed.
I didn't know you felt stranded.

I'm sorry but I don't believe you.
Those tears building up in your eyes,
give away more,
than just your lies.

I'm not saying,
that we were ever perfect.
But I thought maybe,
we could work through it.

So now your leaving,
when things get hard.
I didn't expect you,
to play this card.

And I know I'm breathing,
harder as you go.
But I won't admit to,
feeling so low.

Just tell me,
was I ever what you wanted?
Just tell me because,
my ego's being taunted.

If this is how,
it's gonna be,
there's nothing left to say.
You're set to leave.

But I have to ask,
how I didn't know.
Where's the darkness,
you refused to show?

When I tried to reach you,
you just turned off.
I tried to meet you in the middle,
but it was a standoff.

I guess I never realized,
what was so wrong.
In your life I didn't fit,
I didn't belong.

So go ahead and run.
Run away from this.
But I'll never say,
it's you I'll miss.

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