Ere aurora he expects sunshine,
Wage crescent for joyous toiling before cockcrow,
Beholding a lucid temperateness in high sign,
Understanding not what may follow tomorrow,
Asking not the king of life how to dine.

At daybreak still expecting sunshine in labour,
Aim of being Dives at dusk cleave to "shortcut",
By all means for comment of his neighbour,
Reckless race brings danger of unthought,
Vain sweating in the rain for unfruitful hour.

Darkness sticks to him when he seeks reward,
"This middle of life hate me",he lament,
Empyrean is harsh without sunshine award,
Hope strengths him looking back at labour compliment,
Futus Achates gives him a right path word.

Right path of life he follows diligently,
After dancing in wrong path aim of fastness,
He sees ether ahead for man propose diffidently,
Wishing for the high not the medium weariness,
He labours like never before , intelligently.

Eld knocks but he see not high sunlight,
Fair weather he loathe for neighbours words,
Ere sundown planting things dimming the glory height,
Worst than before he increase the odds,
With high thinking he cease with dim light.

The king of life placed him there,
For the destruction that waste at noonday,
Unknown to him he fell into the snare,
For the wish of high sunlight, nay,
Aim of high sign brings him here.

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