The subject of history
Is as interesting as a mystery
So, there is no need to debate
Do you love history or hate?

The subject is quite easy
But not like A-B-C
It tells you about the evolution of human from monkey
Well homo sapiens, that’s the major key

It describes how the pharaohs became mummies
And how the Africans filled their tummies
How the Harappans vanished and the Aryans started the period of Vedic
You will understand all this if you are encyclopedic

Do you know about the Romans?
They captured many countries like crushing of cans
Do you know about the famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison?
He invented the bulb which gave the night, light like the morning’s sun

Ever heard of the company of East India?
The British came in 1600s came and joined the spice trade in Haldia
Once India was Asia’s Golden Bird
But the Mughal and British fought and killed the bird

I think that’s enough you should learn
But remember every millisecond you leave is history for the next generation to earn So, let us end here today
And you keep all questions of history safe in your brain for the next day.

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