History and Eternity

When we sing those songs of Christmas,
When we think about Christ's birth,
Then we see the sweep of history ,
Know God rules in all the earth.
Terrestrial  kingdoms rise and fall,
Great nations come and go,
The Lord Almighty ruleth still,
His power no end shall know.

He seteth up whom e'r He will,
Casts down the proud of heart,
We need not fear the ending, 
We know it from the start.

The years of time they roll along,
Unchecked, unhindered yet,
But that great day will surely come,
The day the Lord hath set.

Then Christ shall come in clouds arrayed,
His splendor as the sun,
The prophets His advent long fortold ,
So to His bright return.

Then time shall cease ,all history end,
In fire and flame and smoke,
The heavens melt with fervent heat,
The dead be all awoke.

When He returns with trumpet sound
His reign no end shall know
The curse of sin be broken then,
And thorns no more shall grow.

We'll dwell in New Jerusalem
What glories we shall see
Sing praises to the great I Am
From pain and death for'er set free.

Before He came  a little babe,
When He returns,  as King,
So as we sing of years long past,
Yet gaze we toward the future things.

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