History Tends to Repeat

So many people, taking more than they give,
Too many people out there just dying to live.
We miss the little things, the things that matter,
Our greed, doesn't help us climb life's ladder.
It hurts us, in fact, it just shields our pain longer,
Blinding us from the fact, that together we're stronger.
They do all that they can to divide and cause fear,
They recklessly drive the machine that they steer.
They distract us with all those material things,
While we all suffer the effects, that poverty brings.
They take what we earn through taxes and fines,
They want to keep us down so we don't take to the lines.
To keep fighting and dividing, insult after insult,
Cause if we took to the lines, they know the end result.
The result would be chaos, for them and for us,
So if they come for our freedoms, put up a fuss.
Once they are gone, they won’t be back without blood,
Just look back at history, all the bones in the mud.

By: Shane Paul

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    This Poems Story

    Was just thinking about life and our world and writing out what I saw and felt.