Hit You With The Truth

When you enter the ring,
you step into my world
Four exits blocked,
approach me at your own peril
Hit you with the truth
Straight cross truth
Hard truth telling
No one to save you now
from all of the lies you've been selling
You've been backpedaling a lie
'bout how the Resurrection's not real,
and how Jesus ain't no Messiah at all
You've been in on the fix,
double-crossing under the table deal,
when you had your boy Pilate make the call
Now I got you on the ropes,
got your head spinning
This fight ain't over yet,
but you know I'm winning
So you pulled out your last-gasp lie,
the old rope-a-dope trick
Tried to sucker punch the gospel,
really thought you were slick
You sold all the chumps on democracy
You said don't believe Jesus,
it's the vote that will make you free
Ah, I love that look on your face:
dazed and surprised
You didn't see that one coming,
I see defeat in your eyes
If you don't like the choice --- God's chosen Elect
No, if you don't like Jesus, guess what:
you don't get to vote to be ruled by someone else
There are no more ifs, ands or but
That last truth told
sent you crashing to the floor
It's time to count you out,
it's time to head for the Door
You've been clean knocked out,
just couldn't take any more
You just been hit by the truth, for sure

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