Hitler was a Vegetarian

By m Hetz   

with an appetite for Jews
Mussolini made the trains run on time
until he ran them into death camps
they just gave speeches they said
speeches to frenzied hoards
raging supremacists, über alles
mothers and fathers with their children
veins bulging, mad spittle spouting hate
whatever the leader shouts into the microphone
is the new gospel, what’s the harm? they ask about the rallies
about the new fascists, just words at the rallies in Nuremberg, in Green Bay
where the puffed suit makes sweaty hairspray speeches 
spouting hate for the lust of power
just some words angry into the night 
that drive the eagle from her nest
leaving the future in doubt
coming to life again, the slain dragon
only wounded perhaps
always at the ready when power needs fire
they’re just words they say
so they broadcast them to the heavens
for spectacle and ratings that turns them
against their better angels
who cower afraid of their wings

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