By Alex   

This house is not a home.
The rat king built himself a throne.
It towers in the living room.
Inside the house of swelling gloom.

In the trench of the depressed
Flow the tides of the obsessed.
Waves of trash strike the shore
Building walls and walls of more.

Well there’s fear on the other side, other side, other side.
Takes a lot to swallow pride, swallow pride, swallow pride.
Keep the fear behind the never ending sty
And if you must, stack up to the sky.

BAGS! TRASH! Fireplace ash!
Jars of greasy, toxic mash.
RAGS! TAGS! Mountainous stacks!
Every chair sitting down with 5 foot laps.

DUST! MUST! Mildew and CRUST!
Nothing done when there is no trust.
Leaky bathrooms, ceilings and MOLD!
Never a threat as you grow old.

Slow down, ye obsessed……
Mountain climbs require rest……
But if you hold on by yourself,
You’ll lose your grip on cluttered shelves.

And if you do then you’ll tumble down, tumble down, tumble down.
In the living room you’ll drown, drown, drown.
And your loved ones will too in your living room of gloom.
The room they loved to share with you.

……A line to your hand is cast.
……Grab it if you want to last.

And with the line you’ll find
Familiar faces that are kind
Faces, bodies, hands and time
To rid you of your mess and grime.

Just say yes, just say yes, just say yes, SAY YES!
It’s time to terminate the mess, mess, mess.
The fears that kept you this depressed
Can finally be put to rest……

And when the fears are gone, so the rat king will go
And the floors and stairs and shelves will glow.
Then the faces you knew, once again you’ll know.
Now that they have a place to come and go.

In the trench of the depressed
Flow the tides of the obsessed.
Waves of love will wash you free
To your home with family.

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Key Words : Hoarding

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