By Zen   

Are supposed to be fun and entertaining
I like to draw
And write
And create art to show to others.
The paper and the pencil combined together
To make something new.
The pencil glides and seems to leave a trail of dark glitter behind on the paper.
The paper gives the pencil a structure and a base, a guide to work with.
The sound that the pencil makes, leading the lead across the blank landscape.
It gets used to make something new.
To make another person proud of themselves.
To be not so much appreciated.
To not be given as much credit as the creator.
To have no meaning because the creator did something, not it.
Maybe that’s why I’m afraid.
Afraid to be used.
Afraid to not be given as much credit as someone, or something else.
Afraid to not mean anything.
Maybe it is that.
Or maybe
I just think too much.


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This Poems Story

I made this for fun and to talk about my life I guess