Hold on

A broken heart has a lot of stories
Needless to say all about worries
Not love alone could cause the break
It could be the type of friends you make

Physical pain can be cured and dealt
Emotional pain also has effects on health
No matter through what you have been
Merciless as usual the world may seem

Some people may care or simply just show
They aren't concerned but curious to know
Your vulnerability could affect their lives
A lonely heart is where depression thrives

You may cry an ocean, a lake or a river
Your voice may tremble or you may shiver
Your pain may seem like it has no cure
Crying it out won't help much for sure

Frustrated you feel and may want to yell
And going on life may seem like hell
For once you would feel like giving up
But being His child its not your tea cup

Life is not meant to be as easy as pie
Happily ever after is all a lie
Embrace your pain and keep moving on
It's all a matter of time and it goes on

Abandon yourself to Him and hope for the best
I assure He will take care of the rest
Believe in Him and trust your belief
Having faith in Him is the best relief!

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