Hold That Thought

You are capable of anything
Hesitation can be your worst enemy
Come along with me
Shed your cocoon and be free
We can be butterflies flying around the greenery
Let’s get going
To wherever your imagination take us
We could go anywhere in this loving Universe
Don’t know what to say most of the time
If you feel utterly insane, I’m here to tell you
That it’s all going to be okay
We’re all a little all over the place
A tough lot in life is hard to accept
Some of us can’t seem to get our cards straight
But I’m here to tell you we can all change directions
Once you’ve seen rock bottom hit
There’s nowhere else to look but upward toward the beauty
We get tired of hesitating
Calling to us is the Sun’s horizon
Why don’t we hop on board already?
There’s nothing waiting for us here but death
Going through the waves of the motions
We’ve been lost for too long
So go ahead and believe me already
You are capable of anything

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