Hold the Moon

Well drink backyard liquor without cares
and sit on my front stairs.
I'll breathe honeydew through your hair,
and watch your eyes contest mine to stare.
Let us make games to pass the time,
like giving names to bees and flies.
Quietly place your hand in mine,
and squeeze as if you'll think I'll mind.
Just the right amount of breeze.
Just the wrong amount drinks.
You play broken chords as you sing.
I see birds listening when you pause to breathe.
The sun will move so swiftly
to hold the moon completely.
Darkness won't stop us from existing.
We'll light a candle and keep kissing.
Running away from our pasts.
Presently laughing at how this summer won't last.
Wishing the future will lend us some cash,
good jobs, times, and cars filled with gas.
What matters to me is simply being.
Catching up in conversations fleeing.
The future's too far to try foreseeing.
My third glass in and it feels so freeing.
I tell you about future plans.
You tell me about the other man.
I tell you I understand.

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