Holding On

So many things running through my mind,
not knowing if I just leave it behind.
Thoughts of us being so happy at one point in time,
wishing I could be yours and you mine.
I remember when I was only what you wanted and needed,
then it became others and I get deleted.
I remember when you tell me you love me so much,
now Its when convient and such.
I remember you call and talk to me for hours,
now you call and say nothing at all it silence.
I miss you so damn much, wanting us back is it to much.
All I ever wanted was you to love me, hold me, touch me ,
love me ,show me you do care
But all I get is a I love you hear and their .
Do you really love me, need me or even care
Or are you not in love with me
and can't tell me because your scared.
I'm wanting us back but can't read your mind
I love you jason with heart and soul ,
do you want me and will I ever no
Please help me hold on to what we had,
once our love was strong it can be again
It takes two to make love last were right all along
Please help me hold on

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