Holding Pieces of Me

Sometimes you meet someone and you have never met them before,
but you swear they are from your past.
Food seems to have more flavor
and the colors that surround seem to shine a little brighter.
Then she looks at you
and suddenly you cannot see the colors at all.
She is the only thing in focus and things sort of become a blur.
Sounds fade away and you can only see the beauty of she.

And damn if she isn't the love of your past life.
You knew her before. You must have.
How else does one person just get you so fucking well?
She reads you like her favorite book and memorizes you
like her favorite movie.
To her, you taste like heaven and burn like hell.
You become her clouds and her sun.
shielding her while illuminating her.

And though it isn't the first time she has stolen your breath,
and though it isn't the last.
you'd spend your days gasping
if it meant she held on to any part of you.

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