Holiday Blues

I must have looked at your profile about a hundred times,
Scrolling reminiscing back when you were mine,
I'm looking up, looking down, how could you have lied?
And because you felt I was untrue doesn't justify,
How you were once full of life, now there are no butterflies.
And really I just hope that the memories last,
If they don't it's meant to be for you to remain in past,
I don't understand how you could have moved on so fast,
You have a fiancé,
I'm still holding to the moment our lips shared last.
And you said that this isn't what you imagined,
Hinting that being with him wasn't suppose to happen,
I sit here in silence because you chose to go your separate way,
Left me giving you time, and you went on and got engaged,
Happy Holidays to you and Hove,
He's got my treasure chest my lucky pot of gold,
And when people tell you, you two look great,
Its probably best you told
That he makes you happy,
That we weren't meant to be that's just how life unfolds,
And if you love me now, than I love you too,
I learned we grew to be different,
I'll live my life missing who, reminiscing too,
The individuals we use to be,
It's what make's this entire situation feels so untrue.

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