Holiday Humanity

Happy holidays poetically flawed human condition.
I want the Christmas season to last forever.
I’ll be Santa Clause if the real one can’t resist a vacation’s temptation.
When it’s not the Christmas season, I’ll sneak in trough subconscious thinking to plant the seed of your most admired flower.
Coconut girls will hand out “Merry Christmas” hibiscus flowers in tropical colors to everyone as gifts all year.
For the things we really desire to be given, I think Santa Clause is too busy filling up on your family’s cookies or chasing down the gingerbread men in fairy tale stories.
Okay, so we all know Santa Clause is bullshit, but in all respect to the Christmas season, doesn’t that name the holidays as Humanity’s biggest liar?
I love how we need to cut down forest trees and fill up over sized socks with delighting sweets to hang from our fireplaces just to give.
Happy holidays poetically flawed human condition.
There’s this day in December when the mornings are soft sounds between the silence outside and the people celebrating Christmas inside with noisy wake up calls and loud stair jumping.
We’re all opening gifts, forgetting about how much we stressed over what color we’d put our “Dear Santa Clause, …” letter font in to have sent to the North Pole.
I want to be a giver of this feeling 360 days of the year until I’m no longer here to make the warmth and kindness of the Christmas season a giving.
If you’ll accept my generosity, I’ll go right now and buy Santa’s sleigh and reindeer?

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