holier than thou

i'll be bigger than madonna
you know you see it yourself
i can take over this whole world
without even leaving my house
i have more brains than einstien
luck follows me like im jesus
with more sex appeal than marilyn
ya i know that you see this
you just can't stop watching
i'm the drug that you need
i'm you dope, i'm your gold
slaying tracks like a beast
i'm the creator of pleasure
but what's pleasure with no pain
i'm a bitch, im a lover
i'm a sinner, i'm a saint
i'm the voice that you hear in your head
feel my pain
if you didn't hear me before
let me say it again
true love legacy's mine
ya that's right i said it
when i said i've got all of us
better believe that i meant it
you can call me your mama
want my treasure
here's the map
it starts by me calling you santa
when i sit on your lap
i'm the light, follow me
i'll take you out of the dark
but until you give me what i need
well you can't have my heart
i'm a freak this is true
but you love me this way
so baby come pick me up
you know i'm ready to play
i'm like a rose front the ashes
i'm so dirty but unique
your woman's trashy and classless
i've got that good loving that you need
you think you've seen all my tactics
but your wrong, i'm the bomb
watch me blow, ya that's me
i'm a drug do you want some
i'm crazy and recklace
not backing down i'm relentless
i can't be broken
you can't even bend this
i'm so crazy, i'm demented
i'm the phoenix, i keep on rising
until i declare my indapendence
until you give me what i need
i'm not looking for no friends
i could never be wrong i shine like the sun
you will see at the end of the day
i'll be all that you need
sks jay and me see me planting my seeds
i'm living high off the hog
i feel so fancy so free
i've been building my next
so don't doubt me
i'm misjeavous
i'm the wicked bitch in the west
this world will be mine
your going to see this
it's hard to imagine i'm this blessed
i'm the beauty and the beast
you can call me the champion
as i bring you all to your knees
put your trust in the bomb
i'm the air that you breathe
i give life, i conceived all your lives
i'm the queen
you can call me your mama
diana ross or hercullez
i'll pack more stadiums
than m.j. or the beatles
i'm not lost i'm from venus
i'm the bomb busting freely
i'm an angel
but still a demon
i sail my ship, im a seman
give me one little chance
your teeth will hurt from my sweetness
i wanna call you my man
just admit that you need this
i'm the one that you dream of
you all wanted a reason or rhyme
well 'll write one
if its a fight that you want
you know i'll stand up and fight son
if he tries to get near me again
best believe i will bite one
than spit it back in his face
i'm a freak like mike tyson
i'm a goddess and a devil
give me my kibng and my castle
did you think i was your slave
think again your the rascel
i'm no machine i'm cleopatra
coming soon to theatres, coming atcha
like a tornado i'm out to create a distaster
rising from the ground every day even faster
your a pawn i'm a master
get in may i will blast you
you have nothing on me
i have no ghosts no more caspers
i'm at peace in my mind
best believe i'll still thrash you
watch as i sneak up from behind
while your surrounded by back up
i'm a ninja not an actor
i'm 10 steps ahead you can't catch up
i rewrite what you couldn't
if you have a problem with that
well you shouldn't
just stay out of the shade
and remain where its sunny
did you actually think i was a clown
well i think that is funny
that just being me i'm so damn entertaining
with a flow sweet like honey
i can't hear what your saying
you had your turn at the top
now you can pass me my money
all i asked for was was your love
but now i'll have to pass
i'm the purest of pures
come and get it real fast

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This Poems Story

This was a poem i wrote a couple years ago. I've revised it a little there is a much dirty version.