I sit at the table
Surrounded by voices
Mind unstable
Churning with my choices

You look in my eyes
And see they are vacant
The smile is just a guise
To seem like I am complaisant

You ask if I’m fine
I say I don’t feel well
But this sickness is in my mind
And I think you can tell

But you know it isn’t right
To call me on my bullshit
So all you say is alright
And become one of those voices

I feel trapped in a cell
Unable to be free
Who is the one
Who put these chains on me

Don’t you remember?
Don’t you see?
Your own mind
Is the one
Who won’t set you free

They ask how I feel
And all I say is okay
It is just easier to conceal
To reveal I feel gray

Empty of color
Empty of light
Drained of the one thing
That portrays life

I feel as if
I am completely hollow
An empty shell
An abandoned carousel

I want to yell
But all I do
Is sit at this table
With vacant eyes and you

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Confessional of my deep, raw emotions