I've been empty and holow inside for so long
I've been through so many ups and downs
I know I've lost who I was and who I should be
Slowly I can feel it all coming back
I no longer feel the black void that was created
I don't feel the coldness I had begun to fear
The tears I have been avoiding stream down with
no warning
I feel over emotional, out of control
I have dropped all my walls and feel everything times
I've let you in and you've awaken what was lost
All the pain I am now no longer cold too
I have become weak yet I feel more alive than i have
in years
The way I feel I cannot truly explain
I was shut down unable to be reached
Yet your touch brought me back
I have just begun to realize how much time has been
I am determined to fight again for the person I was
I will become who I am without this hole
I will no longer be empty and hollow
I will fight to become who I see when I look into your
You remind me I can be more
You can see through all the depths of my being
I feel as if you found me hiding and are guiding me back
This is just the beginning yet I'm more afraid than I've ever

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