Hollow Days

Out to Sea and Laying,
Laying alone
The Bunk is getting small
and cramped... no longer my cozy
and comfortable retreat
transforming from a personal haven
at the beginning of the trip, to just another spot on the ship
filled with the same monotony
The place where I dream of home and my dear ones
where I dream of you
Routine is growing old and I am tired of it
Boredom setting in
Boredom the killer of ambition
The days now are Shallow
and Unimportant
Hollow altogether

I used to feel there were not enough hours in the day
now I feel there's too many standing in my way.
Hours and days the obstacles to be faced to get back to you
It's simple, it's merely time
that stands in the way
I Cherish the hours we spend together
and Curse them when we are apart
nothing is wholesome or full
Just Hollow

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