Hollow Dreams

I dream of you in shades
of maroon
In pickup trucks,
in summertime,
and in hotel rooms too.

Smiling eyes, quiet giggles
We count the white hairs
sneaking into your black beard.

One… two… three.
Four… five… six.
When we see you again there
will be double
and then double that.

I dream of trees.
Big, tall trees.
A tree with a hole and a hollow
We throw pecans into the hole
and see who can make in the most.

I dream of trees, of more trees
were walking and talking among
the trees
Following you close,
five in a row, five of a kind
The universe is ours, for now you
are mine.

I dream of roads, of winding roads
I dream of you driving up the winding
and pulling into the long drive.

I sit outside until the night sky shines
and my tears glisten in starlight.

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