Hollow Heart

come back to me eyes so fierce
bring me the thirst from her wound
I must lick it clean
make it soft again
I want to make it whole
and fill it with the love and care of what is lost
but not by this robotic piece of tin
give me those you have shared before
every kiss
every drop
a tear on my face mourns for the love is what fills and
the love is what is gone by no other than ourselves
we want the new
we want what we can feel in our hands not in our hearts or our minds
but what we are told to love and desire
I give you no power to humble down to the level of pretentious
I want to be empowerd by greatness that fills this hole in my heart
to tell me not to love again
to tell me not to live again
as I will love and live many times over
as each day the sun shines
each day the rain falls
each day feeling the void in my heart
but I will live again over and over knowing I have
but no fear to live in my experiences and loving them all

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This Poems Story

My poetry tends to come from my life's experiences and from within those moments deep and rich emotions I feel become my inspiration. The paper becomes my canvas of all that I can't express out loud and is the outpouring of my body, spirit and soul. My two children, Alexander and Kyleen, inspire me every day to do the things we love. I want to dedicate this to them and thank them both for being such amazing beautiful souls.