Hollow Hole

By Dot   

In a hollow hole this is
more horrendous than hell.
I slipped, I’m stuck, I’m sorrowful,
​I am regretting my sad state.
Nobody has found me:
neither friend nor foe.
Alone, abhorring my destiny,
I see a slender slippery serpent
slithering towards me.
Panic takes over the pain and
prolonged agony of loneliness.
The snake stops and into
my round eyes stares its slits.
It doesn’t come any closer
and closes its mouth.
The sides of my mouth curve up
and make my face brighten.
The hiss was from the
heights of heaven.
Loneliness dissipated from
my distressed and distraught face.
I’m no longer alone in this
hole from hell turned heavenly.
I reached out with my hesitant hand
to touch the head of the lost Hydrophidae.
The Hydrophidae let out a sorrowful hiss
that could be heard from outside the hollow hole.

To humans the sound is
squealing and heart stopping,
But to me I heard hopelessness
and heartache.
I nodded my head and reached out my
hand to stroke the snake’s skull once more.
Comprehension charged my body
and celebrated the knew knowledge found.
Days pass and we kept each other
from sorrow, starvation, and solitude.
Panic passed and people came,
the Hydrophidae returned to the heavens.

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This Poems Story

Written over 10 years ago when I was in high school. I guess it tells of a girl who found peace and acceptance in the midst of teen angst.