Hollow voices

Sitting on the frozen ground
Listening to rain drop’s hollow sound
They mix with tears upon my cheek
A broken faucet. Sprung a leak
Tears hollow like the screeching wind
And all the pain that swirls within
Frozen from the inside out
Oh if you could hear my broken shout
Instead I cry I scream I fall- the world that broke me
Took it all. All my efforts turns to dust
As my vocal chords begin to rust
There’s nothing more that I can do
I lost everything I had to lose
Each day that passes with things unchanged
Tightens the noose by which I’ll be hanged
But evil always gets his way- victim he can always play
Do you know who I hate most
Those who raise their glass to evils toast
They don’t do the deed itself
But they’ll say cheers to help themself
They’ll look away from any trouble
For no one can burst their iron bubble

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